Tech Town Showcase

A career event for Madison County Schools

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Tech Town Showcase Flyer

The Madison County Economic Development Department is sponsoring an event on November 30th called Madison Tech Town Showcase.  Madison Tech Town Showcase aims to expose Madison County juniors and seniors to the diversity of tech careers available.  This event is born out of Madison County being designated as a Tech Hire community; an initiative started by President Barack Obama to help train people in rural and underserved communities for careers in the tech sector.  MTTS is styled like a career fair and students travel from vendor to vendor learning about what the company does and what type of tech professionals they employee.

Madison High School and the Madison County Economic Development Department can use your help!  We are looking for local tech businesses to set up tables at the event and engage WNCs next generation of tech workers.  We need people in the community to demonstrate that “coding” doesn’t just mean doing medical paperwork and that there is other work in tech besides fixing computers.

To sign up for this event or for more information, please contact:

Sara Nichols- County Planner

Madison County Economic Development


The event will be held at:

Madison High School

5740 US-25

Marshall, NC 28753

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